Today was embarrassing for me! My team lost 1-10! I scored the goal. I know 4 people on my team, two were from my older soccer team, and the other two go to my school. I really liked my old soccer team. I wanted to be on my older soccer team, but my mom just thought it was for the older girls. But it wasn’t 😦 But he already had to many people on his team. I wanted to join the Sting  League but they are to strict. If you are sick they have to have a note, and you can’t go on vacation. It was to hard for my busy life. 


Well the NHL is going on. I am cheering for the Vancouver. There losing though. They lost 3 games to the sharks. If they win this last one they stay in, but if they lose…. It is over for them. They are playing right now (May 7, 2013) They went into the NHL last year lost it to LA. I got mad. But o well I think they’ll do good this time 😀

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