Today was busy!

I woke up around 6:30 then stayed up for three hourse in bed. (so 9:30) Then I had a soccer game at 3:15. We lost :C  Then when I got home me and mom ate. Then my friend came over.Then we had to get my other friend. Then we all went swimming to West Edmonton pool! First we went in the wave pool. the waves got BIG! Once I was holding y breath but water got in my mouth, so i tried to blow out (with my nose pluged) and some of it came out of my ear. And it hurt so much! Then after that we went on one waterslide, then we wanted to go on a nother one but the line was really long so we just sat in the hot tub. We sat in there for about 10 minutes then got out and had a snack. I got all of use a large popcorn, and me a Mangium bar (I hope i spelled that right)  One of my friends had a oversized prezzle (that was tase less) and a popcicle. My other friend had a oversize prezzle. After that we went back into the pool, But the the lifegurad was tell all of us to get out, we went to ask why and someone did their bussiness in the pool! GROSS! So me and my friends went to this thing were water is everywere people could spray you with water, and there was a big bucket that was filled with water and would spray down onto you. The water from the bucket felt like 10 pounds. Then the pool was open we went back in but then after a hour or so we had to go. But that is adventure for today.

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